KMCA Board Meeting - 11/26/07 – Minutes  


Dr. Gabriel Kengni

Ariel Winter

Misha Auslin

Marilyn Lawlor

Jonathan Fink

Gary Skulnik

Selena Snow

  • The board agreed to reserve all four meetings with Kemp Mill Elementary at the same time. Rather than requesting audio equipment from the school, which would be expensive, the Board will look into borrowing (Gail offered her equipment) or purchasing its own equipment.  Possible dates for the upcoming meetings were discussed.
  • Gabriel has transferred the e-groups to a new list-serv and has created a list-serv that is open to any KMCA member who wants to join. The KMCA-wide list-serv will be moderated, and Gabriel, Ariel, and Gail will review emails before posting them.
  • Ariel will coordinate and edit the newsletter, which comes out 4 time s a year and should precede each membership meeting. Gail will assist in editing.  The Board discussed the need for someone to layout the newsletter. It was agreed to offer modest payment for someone to do layout.  Shonny Kugler distributes the newsletter in exchange for an ad.   Costs of printing were discussed. Ariel will explore the costs of printing with R&W and QuickPrint. Marilyn stated that current ad revenues do not cover printing costs. It was agreed to raise ad rates.
  • Marilyn gave the treasurer’s report. There is $1677.26 in the account (in addition to 2 C.O.D.s for $1000 each). There are currently 99 members.
  • The need for D&O insurance for the KMCA board was discussed. Jonathan will ask Behnam Dayanim about this.
  • There was discussion about the County’s proposal to put a sidewalk on Hermleigh Rd.  During the previous administration, a Kemp Mill resident became concerned about pedestrian safety on Hermleigh Road between Auth and Kemp Mill Road. The person contacted the county requesting that sidewalks be put in and was told that the endorsement of the KMCA would be required in order for the County to undertake a study of the feasibility of proceeding.  The former KMCA President wrote a letter on behalf of the KMCA endorsing the County’s putting in a sidewalk on the stretch of Hermleigh between Auth and Kemp Mill Road.  A letter was also written to the County by the president of the Kemp Mill Synagogue endorsing sidewalks on Hermleigh.   The County undertook a study and informed residents on Hermleigh that it was considering putting sidewalks in and requesting comments. The County’s proposal, which would place the sidewalk on the county’s Right of Way, would require the removal of several trees along Hermleigh.  The County would conduct a public hearing prior to making a final decision. 
  • The current  KMCA board has been contacted by a resident on Hermleigh  - whose house would be adjacent to the proposed sidewalk - expressing concern that the KMCA requested the sidewalk and asking the KMCA to rescind its request.  The resident raised several issues: (1) the KMCA should not proceed without input from the residents, (2) sidewalks will change the character of the street, (3) sidewalks will decrease property values, (4) residents on Hermleigh will be responsible for snow removal, and (5) the County’s proposal would require the removal of many trees.  The resident asserted that all Hermleigh residents who would be directly affected by the sidewalk oppose it.
  • Following discussion, the Board unanimously decided to not withdraw the original request to the county at this time. The Board also decided, by a vote of 6-1,  to put the discussion of sidewalks on Hermleigh road on the agenda for the next membership meeting and to schedule that meeting in early January.  It was also decided that no vote would be placed on the agenda by the Board The Board also decided that the KMCA president would send the County a letter informing the County that the meeting would take place.  
  • Because the next meeting will be so soon, a very brief newsletter will be mailed out in December, with a longer one for the following issue.
  • Welcome to new residents: At the last membership meeting, someone proposed putting together a welcome kit for new residents. The idea is that local realtors would tell the KMCA when a new buyer moves in and the KMCA would send a welcome letter with a coupon from Magruder’s and some information about County rules (e.g., trash cans not sitting out more than a day). A coordinator is needed for this initiative. It was decided to try and recruit someone at the next membership meeting.
  • There was discussion about whether committees are needed for public safety and group homes. Misha agreed to chair the public safety committee. A community member has asked  to chair a group homes committee. Questions were raised about whether there was a need for this committee. It was decided to invite the volunteer to the next Board meeting to discuss the issue.
  • Selena provided an update regarding the County’s planned changes to Arcola road. The County plans to change the 4 lane road to a 2 lane road from the stretch of Arcola between University and Georgia Avenues, and to add a “pedestrian safety aisle.” There are unresolved issues, such as how traffic would flow around bus stops and whether this would increase danger. 

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